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Democratic Assemblyman John McKeon threatened to issue subpoenas if the officials don't testify at a hearing next month. An NJ Transit spokeswoman said later that they would.. cheap nfl jerseys T Mobile Rookie Challenge Youth Jam Once again, T Mobile is the title partner of the T Mobile Rookie Challenge Youth Jam, which pits the league's newest stars (the rookies) against the league's best second year players (the sophomores). And, in support of a season long effort to better youth communities in Los Angeles, T Mobile has once again teamed up with NBA Cares to give local students a once in a lifetime opportunity. By successfully completing academic, reading, school attendance and community service requirements, more than 3,500 students ages 11 15, from more than 50 local schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District, will watch the game from the lower bowl's "best seats in the house" at STAPLES Center on Friday, Feb. cheap nfl jerseys Cheap Jerseys china The smart, laser cut Walker by Protected Species a firm founded by women with the dreary UK weather in mind isn't bulky and, frankly, ugly, like so many other outdoors jackets. The Walker's soft fabric is most importantly completely waterproof and windproof, and will keep the top half of the body dry even in the most ferocious rain with the help of its sealed seams. The button at the cuff is used to tie the sleeve tight so rainwater doesn't travel up your arm as you cycle. 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